Human resources

In Vrioni company our people are the key factor of our dynamic development and efficient operation. Every year, the management of the company invests a significant part of available resources to the application of modern efficient management methods and to personnel training in the highest specialisation sectors.

Hence, the high level of knowledge of our executives, combined to technology, gives us a competitive edge against our competitors and allows us to maintain our leading position in the sector.

Most of the personnel of Vrioni company have long professional experience, and our management is always in search of new people with experience and knowledge on vinegar-making.

The combination of technical training and skills with the extensive experience of our people positively affects both the productivity index per employee and the quality index, placing our company among the highest ranks in the sector and among the top companies in the Greek market.

One of the first Vinegar-making businesses in Greece.

Field Office - Factory

Antikalamos Messinia
Kalamata 24100, Greece

Business Hours

08:30 - 16:00


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